Město Vizovice
Město Vizovice

Chateau Vizovice

Chateau Vizovice (owner - Czech Republic) Zámek Vizovice

The monumental architecture of the French Louis XVI style with rich interior equipment and an adjoining French and English park forms a part of the national cultural heritage.

The chateau was commissioned by Heřman Hanibal of Blümegen with the architect F. A. Grimm in middle of the 18th century. Rich interiors of the chateau are furnished with the original Baroque, Rococo, Empire and Biedermeier period furniture, with a number of china of varied provenience and a number of other valuable objects.

The most valuable is the picture collection containing a precious collection of works by Dutch painters.


Chateau Chapel of Our Lady of Good Advice (Virgin Mary)


The chapel was finished in 1776. The chapel interior is the work of the master of Moravian sculpture Ondřej Schweigl, whose sculptures of gladiators decorate also the chateau park which is open all year round.


The freestanding rectangular plan building dates from 1781. Two three-dimensional coats of arms of the lords of Vizovice toppled with a crown are placed in the centre of the entrance portal

Chateau Parkpark

The park was founded in the middle of the 18th century. It is made from two parts - English and French.

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