Město Vizovice
Město Vizovice

Convent of the Merciful Brethren

owner - Czech and Moravian Province of the Hospital Order of Saint John of God - the Brothers)nmb

Its history goes back to 1781 when Marie Antonie, the wife of the count Kryštof of Blümegen, founded the Convent of Our Lady of Good Advice in Vizovice. We can read in the founding deed dated 16 May 1781 that a priest, a pharmacist and two surgeons are available to patients. The originally one floor Baroque building housed a public pharmacy, refectory and kitchen.

textThe pharmacy ranks among the oldest in the Czech Republic. A part of the hospital is an Art Nouveau chapel and a park garden. Since 1993 the Vizovice hospital is a church hospital. It was consecrated on 13 October 1993 by the Archbishop of Olomouc, Jan Graubner, the former long-term church custodian in Vizovice.

Nowadays the hospital is registered as a Long-term care hospital. The effort of all employees is to promote and pursue the slogan of the merciful brethren: „PER CORPUS AD ANIMAM„ (through the body towards the soul visiting you).

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