Město Vizovice
Město Vizovice

Tradition and Customs

Vizovice figurative pastry is named after the place of its origin and is not intended for eating.pečivo The dough is made from flour and water. Miniature figures representing mostly animals have their typical technology of production, traditional shapes and have been baked for over 140 years. They were intended to be used during festive seasons. Each animal impersonates a meaning, e.g. a dove is a symbol of love and piece in the family, a frog is the guardian of clean water, a fish impersonates silence, a hare impersonates boyish strength etc.

R. JelínekThe first historical mention of Vizovice in connection with distilling dates back to 1585. Thanks to favourable climatic conditions over 70,000 prunes were planted in the environs of Vizovice. High production of plums inspired the local farmers to establish a Farmers‘ Shareholder Fruit Enterprise - RAZOV. In kraslice1934 it was purchased by Rudolf Jelínek, who gave the name to the enterprise, which is used until today. Today the shareholding company Rudolf Jelínek produces a whole range of products starting from distilled fruit spirits (Slivovitz, pear, apricot, cherry and apple original spirits) over fruit brandy to liqueurs.

Decorated Easter eggs „Valašské kraslice"are also well known. The Walachian decorated Easter eggs have simple patterns, because the part of Walachia around Vizovice ranked among the poorest areas in the region under the Austro-Hungarian rule. The typical colours are white, yellow, red and black. The technique used in the decoration is Walachian beeswax batik.

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